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We have a responsibility

We all have a responsibility for our future. Which is why we must change how we consume, eat and travel if we are to minimize our impact on the environment. How we choose to live also makes a significant difference to our climate footprint. This is what we wanted to visualize in Hem från Skanska's first brand film in many years. Ever since Skanska started its environmental work in 1996, they have worked to reduce the impact of housing on the climate and achieve their goal – to become climate neutral by 2045. What they do isn’t always visible on the surface but lies within the walls. With this film, we wanted to create and convey a positive, secure feeling of what it’s like to live in a completely newly built home and at the same time do something good for the environment.

“Everything we do has an impact on the climate. When housing is discussed, it is usually about how we live in our homes. It is important to manage resources, but the big climate footprint in housing comes from how we plan and build it, and from the material that goes into the home. We want to make that visible with this film.”
Camilla Fredman Svensson, Marketing and Communications Manager at Skanska Sweden's housing development.

Client: Skanska Sweden housing development

Production company: Oddway

Music: BF / C, a Gothenburg-based duo consisting of Barish Firatli and Joel "Californiaman" Hammad Magnusson.

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