Netclean Report

The NetClean Report 2018

Assignment: Sexual abuse of children is one of the most serious social problems of our time, and yet it receives very little attention. The problem is very difficult to discuss, which means that it is often hidden away. Our task was to increase awareness of this serious problem, give perspective to the target audience, and to show how NetClean can be a part of the solution.
Target audience:

  • Media (press and TV etc)
  • Authorities (decision makers)
  • Private companies (Corporate management)
  • Organisations working to stop child sexual abuse (from police to NGOs)

Goal: The aim of the NetClean report is to give an unfiltered picture of the current situation, stripped of emotionally angled content, so that NetClean can once again, break-through to the media and have the opportunity to discuss this important topic on national TV.
Result: The NetClean Report is a huge success for not only NetClean themselves, but most importantly for the children. For those children that the police's efforts can save from abuse situations and those children who, thanks to work around the world, can be saved from ever being abused, and also for the vulnerable children which the adult world chooses not to mention.

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The NetClean Report 2018 cover
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The NetClean Report 2018 police survey
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