Doritos - Bold enough to face a pro

Bold enough to face a pro – DreamHack 2019

Assignment: Global snack brand Doritos is a highly respected and well-known player within the e-sports community worldwide. Even so, they have not yet leveraged their popularity in the Nordic countries. We were given the assignment to create a concept within e-sports to strengthen Doritos’ position among gamers in Scandinavia.

Concept: As a starting point, we proposed a collaboration with the recognized gaming event Dreamhack. We then created a campaign built on this collaboration before, during and after the event. The campaign was based on Doritos’ global brand platform "For the bold" and was given the concept name "Bold enough to face a pro?”. In practice, the concept meant letting amateur players compete against professional teams in the popular game Fortnite at Doritos’ Dreamhack stand. Free samples of the snack were given out to the audience, and the campaign gained a lot of attention throughout the event’s three-day run.

Deliverables: Our responsibility covered nearly everything before, during and after the event, such as communication on the web and in social media, as well as the practical implementation at Dreamhack, including everything from stand planning, furnishing and decorating to staffing and uniforms.
The results exceeded our expectations and Doritos was in fact named the #2 most favorable brand that visitors could recall from the event (out of 45). No less than 86.6 percent of the visitors recalled the Doritos brand after the event. The sponsored social media posts on Facebook and Instagram had a net reach of 988,149 users.
All in all, the campaign raised considerable awareness and strengthened Doritos’ position as the premier snack brand for gamers in the Nordic countries.

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