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Share to reduce space waste

Assignment: Our view of what great housing incorporates is changing. Young people have difficulties finding housing and densification is a solution to meet the future. The cost of a living space is increasing and the queues are getting longer. At the same time young people are getting use to subscribing to flexible and value-adding services. 2030 Coliving redefines shared living by creating vibrant residential communities for young professionals. Weekly cleaning, amenities, neuro design and recycled design classics are included in one bill. Our assignment was to refine an already great brand and help them build PR.

Concept: Our client personifies the always beta mindset and has decided to continuously refresh what shared living includes. The main aspects that motivate the brand are fighting solitude, helping young professionals to thrive, decreasing carbon emission and keeping things simple yet stunning. 

Deliverables: We have supported our client with branding, PR and launch materials.


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